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Beechenhill Farm Wedding PhotographyBeechenhill Farm Wedding Photography

go Wow! Where to begin with Carolyn and Andrew’s incredible wedding celebration?!

The day got underway with Carolyn, her sister and mum getting ready in the cozy surroundings of Beechenhill Cottage. It was a fantastically relaxed morning as the bride enjoyed a glass or two of fizz while taking in the stunning views over the surrounding countryside. Under the careful eye of the lovely Emma Buck the ladies hair and makeup were made ready before Carolyn stepped into her dress. This left just enough time for me to head down to the gorgeous rustic ceremony hall at Beechenhill Farm where I caught up with Andrew and his best men who were doing sterling work welcoming family and friends.

The time for the ceremony was upon us and as Carolyn made her way to the barn escorted by her mother and father Andrew waited nervously for her arrival. After a heartfelt ceremony with some wonderful readings the guests assembled outside with confetti in their hands to welcome the brand new Mr & Mrs in style! After a round of hugs and kisses the wedding party made its way to Lower Damgate Farm (where I had my own wedding don’t you know!) and guests were treated to a delicious cream tea as they enjoyed the afternoon sunshine. Before the breakfast itself Carolyn and Andrew took a to moment to themselves to feed the menagerie of  Alpacas, goats, sheep and horses at the farm before taking a stroll through the rolling fields.

Come the evening the bride and groom lead family and friends in a fantastic Caileigh that got the whole wedding up and dancing – the perfect way to round off the most fun of days!

Thank you to Carolyn and Andrew for having me with you both on such a great wedding day!

go to site “When planning for our wedding we met quite a few photographers and to be honest a lot of them were very professional but were also rather serious about their work which is fine if you like that sort thing. However us being us we wanted to have a laugh and feel comfortable with the photographer as they would be with us at some rather intimate moments on our wedding day. When we met Adrian we found him very warm and funny which was exactly what we were looking for. On the day he was exactly the same, we felt comfortable adorning some romantic poses without feeling embarrassed or silly as perhaps we would have with some of the more “serious” photographers. Basically if you want a guy who can take cracking photos and have a laugh with then Adrian is your guy!

free local dating website Thank you so much for capturing our day the way you did.”

Chantal and Aaron – 8th of September 2015

If you are planning a wedding and are looking for a wedding photographer please give me a call on 07900 431 715 or email me [email protected]

rencontre fille budapest Suppliers:

Ceremony Venue – Beechenhill Farm

Evening Venue – Lower Damgate Farm

Caileigh Band –  Wallop The Pot

Confetti – Shropshire Petals

Ice Cream Bike – Truly Scrumptious Gelato

Dress – Brides of Chester

Flowers – Petals Polly

Makeup – Emma Buck

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Beechenhill Farm Wedding Photography