Hare Hill Wedding Photography

What an incredible day for Lauren and James’s wedding celebration this weekend at the beautiful Hare Hill. This wedding had the special honour of being the first ever ceremony at this historic venue and given how the walled garden made the perfect backdrop for the day I am sure it will not be the last! I began the day with James who had spent the evening before nearby with his groomsmen. As the gents, aided with a glass or two of Champagne, made themselves ready Lauren arrived back from having her hair styled so I headed over to see her and her bridesmaids as the final touches were put to their makeup and Lauren donned her stunning wedding dress.

In what felt like no time at all it was time for me to head to Hare Hill where James was greeting friends and family and before long everyone was invited to take their seats and await the arrival of the bride. Escorted by her father down the aisle and in her bespoke dress Lauren looked simply beautiful. The cermeony was heartfelt and included a wonderful reading by James’s daughter and after some vigorous confetti throwing the new Mr & Mrs were heartily congratulated by their family and friends. The afternoons celebrations were a real treat to photograph with guests mingling in the immaculate grounds and a fantastic wedding breakfast followed by some hilarious and emotional speeches. It was clear everybody was having an amazing time!

A special ‘thank you’ to Lauren and James for including me in your wedding day, I hope you get to enjoy this preview before heading off on honeymoon.

watch “We couldn’t have been more thrilled at our decision to pick Adrian. Right from the offset he made us both feel at ease and brought that same energy and enthusiasm to the wedding day. The thoughtfulness of his emails during the build up to the wedding meant the world and gave me peace of mind that everything would run smoothly when it came to the day.  tastylia online without prescription/ On the day itself he managed to capture all the photos that I’d requested before hand and a 1000 more perfect opportunity shots that showed off the day perfectly. When the gorgeously presented box arrived with our pictures in it made us relive what a truly amazing day it was and gave us insight into people’s reactions that you totally miss in the moment!  see We’d recommend Adrian over and over again- our guests are still commenting about how relaxed he made them feel and the quality of his photos and the service that accompanies them is superb! 

follow site Thank you so much for being part of our day,  http://payneortho.com/?markyre=hombres-solteros-en-bilbao&4ad=54 Love the Mortons! X”

Sara and Ross – 13th of August 2016

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Venue – Hare Hill

Celebrant – Inspirational Ceremonies

Dress – Emma Beaumont

Hair – Styal Lounge

Ceremony Musicians – Rylands String Quartet

Evening Band – The Rush

Caterers – Horseradish

Magician – Ian Lavin

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