Your Questions

How much do your packages cost? A full list of my prices can be found here.

Can we see a full wedding album? Yes, in fact you can see two! Please click here to see a complete album from a full days coverage where the couple asked for a mix of reportage and posed shots with a natural feel. Or you can click here and see a full album of a days coverage with a heavy emphasis on natural shots.

Why don’t your packages include any albums? After speaking to many couples who were planning their wedding day it soon became apparent that the traditional approach of bundling albums, canvases and prints together in increasingly labyrinthine packages was confusing and unnecessary. As such I decided to keep my price structure as clear as possible and give people the option of choosing and paying for an album after the wedding. You can see the full details of all my albums here.

Can I see some album designs? Yes! There is an A4 landscape design here and a 12″ x 12″ design here.

How far do you travel? I am based in Manchester and mainly work in the North West of England, however I do travel widely and have shot weddings all over the UK, Ireland and even as far afield as Cuba and Perth, Australia. As a general rule if it is more than 2 hours travel in one direction then I look to charge a little extra for fuel. If this is the case then I will always discuss it with you and reach an agreement in advance of the wedding.

Are there any hidden charges? No, the price you see is the price you pay for the coverage of your wedding and includes VAT and a copy of the edited images in high resolution.

What are your payment terms? I ask for a £200 deposit to reserve the date with the rest coming due 28 days before your wedding date.

What if I want to move the wedding date? This is no problem providing I have not got a booking for the new date. If the wedding is moved forward more than 6 months however I do ask for 50% of the due payment on the original due date.

You put a lot of your pictures on Facebook and Twitter, what if I don’t want my wedding photo’s on there? Then just let me know. I understand that you may not want the photo’s on social media sites and I will always respect any requests to keep them private.

Are you accredited to any professional organisations? Yes, I am a member of the Guild of Professional Photographers and bound by its code of ethics and practices. Please click here for details.

Do you do a reportage style as well as formal? A big part of my job is to understand in advance what you want from the coverage but typically I aim to have a mixture of relaxed natural shots and more formal posed pictures.

Do you do two or more weddings on the same day? No. The most I do is one wedding per day irrespective of how long I have been booked for. This means I can give each shoot my full attention and I am under no time constraint should plans change.

Who is it who will be photographing the wedding? Do you pass jobs on to other people?  No, I never farm work out to other photographers. It is me who will help you on the run up to the day, me who will be with you on your wedding and me that will edit them afterwards.

Do you edit the images afterwards? Yes. Once your day is done I work through the images improving the crop and colours so everything you receive is fully edited. I don’t just ‘shoot and burn’.

How many images will I receive? Depending on the level of coverage I would reasonably expect 5-600 images for a full days coverage and 4-500 for the half day. Of course this may vary a little from wedding to wedding but it gives you an approximation.

What format are the images in that I will receive? The images are high resolution, un-watermarked and in .jpg format.

How long until we can see a full album? The photos are usually processed and finished in 10 – 15 working days.

Who has copyright over the photos? I retain copyright over the images however you do receive a copy with unlimited print rights so you can use them as you please (prints, canvases, Facebook, email, etc).

Do I have backup equipment & how safe are my images? Yes, I carry a full backup of my photography gear so even in the event of a major malfunction of my primary camera or lens I have another I can use. I take every step possible to ensure that your images are safe. On the day of the shoot I backup my memory cards to my laptop and then once back at my editing suite the images are duplicated onto a dual hard drive surge protected system then uploaded to my CrashPlan offsite backup as well. This means that your images are protected against all the most likely causes of data loss.

Do you use models for the photographs in your portfolio? No, it has always struck me that there is something deeply dishonest about using models in staged images because they would not be representative of the style you could expect on the day. As such every photo in my portfolio is a genuine bride at a genuine wedding.

What if you are ill or in some other way incapacitated?   As a wedding photographer this is amongst my greatest fears. I have never missed a wedding to date and try to plan for any eventuality. I will hire a car, buy a new camera or do anything within my power to ensure my service is faultless. Should the worst occur and I am incapacitated then I can with arrange a replacement photographer through the Guild of Photographers (one of the greatest benefits of guild membership!). I take this potential challenge of my job extremely seriously.

Do you have any testimonials? Yes, you can read some here and a few people have been kind enough to write a few words on my Google+ page.

What insurance do you have? I have both professional indemnity and £2,000,000 of public liability cover.

What if I want to know more? I hope the above has answered your questions but if not please do not hesitate to contact me here.